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I was a patient under my insurance Atena and had a workers comp claim. Both times, Dean Kevin Ziegler charged my insurance for procedures he didn't do. I had a specialist that wanted me to get rehab. This character would not give me the rehab I needed and my recovery time was only extended. All he wanted to do was have me massaged which is his ploy to extend treatment so he can get the most money out of your insurance. And he wasn't able to rectify my dislocated hip. I have been cared for by other chiropractors and they were much better than Dean Ziegler of Ziegler Chiropractic. I have also reported this character for fraud he committed so I am not his favorite person. He has done just about anything to discredit me, including saying I am filing out reviews in the names of others. This is nothing but false and Dean Kevin Ziegler has no proof what so ever to prove otherwise. Just his drive to hide the truth.He takes it so low to try and use misdirection (his favorite tool) to think others will ignore his criminal history. What others say is the truth as well. Google search him. You will see for yourself. He doesn't like the truth because the truth hurts. If someone looking for a chiropractor knew of his history, they would look elsewhere. And they have. He tried filing criminal harassment claims against me. And you know where those complaints got him? Absolutely nowhere. Go figure, he thinks talking the truth about him is harassment. He does not like what I have to say and does what ever he can to try and silence me. I don't like fraud and I think people should know what they are dealing with. There are so many chiropractors in the Allentown Area. You don't wanna get tied up in the drama that is Dean Kevin Ziegler.There is alot here but I spent a good amount of time at his business collecting information. I feel this is import to get the full honest view of Dean Kevin Ziegler.

Dean Kevin Ziegler is big on mentioning things to try and take the microscope off of him. And this points to the connection he has to fraud in everything he does. First, because of other reviews I made on other sites (Be them true accounts of what I experienced), he filed PA Private Criminal Complaints against me for harassment. Now these were not charges brought on by any actual criminal authority like a county detective of police, people that would be after you if you actually commited a crime. These were private complaints made by Dean Kevin Ziegler. Anyone can file against anyone for anything and it gets a hearing, no matter what it is. He thinks its a big deal that he filed these complaints that it possibly points to me actually doing anyhting wrong. Its so easy to file that I was able to file a harassment complaint againt him for filing three malicious complaints against me. These are the complaints he filed against me:

Here is the outcome of his complaints. Note they got Dean Kevin Ziegler NOWHERE. He obviously doesnt like the truth being told about his criminal felony history. Maybe he should have never commited criminal acts in the first place any there would be nothing to tell. He failed at getting me deemed guilty of any wrong doing. Read the result here:

and here:

and here:

Here is a snippet of the hearing transcript. My only words the entire hearing was thank you:

Judge: Ok. So. I mean.. Dr. Ziegler Im going to be as blunt as I can. And pardon me if I'm being overly direct here. But where is the crime.

Dean K Ziegler: You are allowed one review. He did ten. He did false pretenses. He stated stuff that was not correct.

Judge: Where is the crime.

Dean K Ziegler: Harassment

Judge: There is no crime here. You might have a civil matter here. But thats not what we are talking about here. You filed a private criminal complaint. Therefore you have to meet the elements of harassment as defined by the commonwealth of PA. There are 7 different subsections of harassment. Your evidence met none of them.

Dean K Ziegler: A… He filed fictitiously under different people names

Judge: Not a crime.

Dean K Ziegler: Thats not anonymously

Judge. Communicating in an anonymous matter is when people call an individual they are stalking and block their numbers and something like that. You have a civil grievance here that may or may not bear fruit in civil litigation if thats the direction you go. You are accusing Mr. Blum of a crime.

Dean K Ziegler: I feel there was a……

Judge: Of course based on all you put together. But you do not have any evidence of a crime.

Dean K Ziegler: If you knowingly file false accusations publicly that is not harassment?

Judge: Not on the internet.

Dean K Ziegler: Thats exactly what we have here.

Judge. If he files a sworn statement that is false that is a crime.

Dean K Ziegler: Um… As far as the reviews.

Judge: Nope. You have at best a civil matter sir. You do not have any evidence of criminal activity. Not guilty. Have a nice day.

John Blum: Thank You.

Another thing he likes to use as ammunition to some how make others not believe my reviews is by bragging how he committed defamation and fired my partner as a massage therapist that worked for him. He never tries to defend himself against the criminal (or any) accusations made against him. He just uses misdirection.

Here is the real story about my partner working for this fraud and it just points more to his criminal behavior. My partner Justin had been working for this crook for about seven years. Dean was chaged with fraud and he had his attorney dragged things out so he could make as much money before he lost his license. Be it he continued to commit fraud the entire time. He was even going to jail for fruad (and beating up and throwing his girlfriend down a flight of stairs) and had me write fradulent patient records in the hopes of getting payment for insurance companies. I didnt trust him from the start but I kept him close because Justin, for some reason, still wanted to work for him. When it came to filling out the fradulent documents, I talked him into letting me do it so Justin wouldnt have to and risk afecting his license. This is why I wanted him gone from there because I dreaded negative impact on Justin because of the felons history.

I had been collecting intel the entire time and was holding off reporting him untill Justin was no longer working there. His biggest mistake was giving me access to his competer and passwords.

So Dean Kevin Ziegler goes to jail and then is out on work release. The patients he has drastically decreases. At this time it is also determined that he owes money on his taxes and has to stop using a bank to deposit his insurance payment checks. He starts using a check cashing business in Allentown. He is despirate for money. Oh and do you think he learns his lesson for fraud? Absolutely not.

The injury I talked about in my original review ordered me to have rehab. Justin, still working there, did rehab for this crook. So, for the sole reason of getting him hours, I went to Ziegler. He dragged out my treatment and continued to charge for procedures he didnt do. My attorney had me stop going because his history and contiued actions was a treat to my case. Other attorneys also stopped sending patients hiss way. Insurance companies dropped him.

It was expensive for him to have employees (paying taxes and workers comp, etc) he had Justin officially on the books and had other therapists which he had been paying them under the table. He claims they were "independant contractors" but nothing he did and the entire situation pointed to more illegal actions. (And all of this I reported. There wasnt anything I didint report). The one therapist wanted more clients and they started to do things to take Justins clients from him but he had clients that insisted on him. Dean also liked simply giving a $20 to the other therapists and remember it was ultimately cheaper for Dean Kevin Ziegler no matter how illegal.

After seven years of great service, Dean starts writting up Justin for the silliest of things. For one, talking to the patients. Now, this is another fraud of his business that patients play a role in. He is a medical practicioner that is supposed to be providing treatment to people for muscular skelatal injuries. Dean would not exam patients prior to massages (although he charged for them). So, a good therapist would need to converse with the patient about what is bothering them and through out treatment so therapy could be adjusted. Dean thought there should be only minimal conversation at the beginning and the patient should be able to "relax". He is not providing a spa experience. He is treating. And if you read the exam notes he creates fradulently you would think the patients have serious conditions. He writes notes in a bell curved fashion as he told me when he had me fradulently filling out notes. People get a little better, then a little worse, etc. I dont know how he could do notes when he didnt exam. Anyway, this is where patients commit fraud with him. Many end up using there health insurance as a way to get a spa type massage in the cover of having a chiropractic treated ailment. Hense, Dean Kevin Ziegler claiming that the patients should have a relaxing massage. Much of what Dean wrote up Justin for was contradicting, not surprisingly.

I had Justin make sure he had a way to contact all the patients he treated. And it payed off. Although Dean got Justin hired at a spa type massage business bragging about how good he was, he later fired him claiming sexual harassment and that he hurt someone. Now, you would think to protect his interests he would want to investigate the claims with the employee. Especially when a patient allegedly claims a therapist hurt them (Before I forget, a patient stopped going to Dean because he hurt them worse then when they started going-- Thats another part of the story).

But, Dean just states in a letter patient X complained of this. Patients Y and Z complained of inappropriate conversation, blah blah blah. Of course knowing he did no wrong Justin refused to sign the letter. Now, I was overjoyed that Justin was no longer working for this crook and felon. I filed my complaints and began providing the info I had.

Shortly after Justins firing, someone came forward and admimitted that there were no such complaints made against Justin and it was all a ploy to get rid of him. Also, all the patients he worked on were contacted and provided statements they he did not hurt them nor have any sexual conversation with Justin. Also, Dean made mistakes in the process of firing him and claims that medically do not add up. I sent Ziegler a letter of demand (he calls it exployting) stating the fact that no one made complaints and that we were giving him the opportunity to change the reason for firing and provide a $1000 cash severence pay. I was not about to suggest getting his job back because I was elated he was gone. But although his accusations were provable to be unfounded, the fact that he was defaming Justin had the potential to tarnish his career. He current employer was provided a copy of the statements and an audio recording was played where it was admitted it was a ploy. The whole situation played in Justins favor. They increased his hours and in the long run he made out financially better then when he worked at Zieglers. Although he commited more fraud in the process, it paid off for us in the end.

Now, a moth before Justins firing, a friend of ours was going quite frequently to Dean for treatment. Dean liked the fact that her insurance was form New York. This gave him the opportunity to make the biggest cash flow. But his extensive "treatment" did not pay off for our friend. She woke up the day following an adjustment from Dean with severe pain in the area of the adjustment. I post on facebook prayers of healing for her and explain what led to her going to the ER. She stopped going to Dean. Dean latter looses he license because of his felony charges. In this mits of this he ultimately looses all patients and cant treat them. In an attempt to make $12000 (because now hes out of luck), he stupidly tries to take me to the District Magistrate because of my comment months earlier claiming I commited defamation (Although I never mention his name in my post or his business), fraud, HIPAA violations (oh yes he doesnt know HIPAA laws). You can read about his further here:

Now, the complaints are made and its stated that it is going to take some time to establish another case against him. So I wait. And some time goes buy. A falimy member states she learns that a friend of hers is going to Ziegler for treatment. I share with them his history. We check there insurance papers and compare that with actual treatment made. Surprise surprise, he is still ommiting fraud. Exam notes are even not accurate. It was understood now that he was having them come so often in order to milk the insurance. They stop going. Someone else gets insurance claims in the mail. It is determined that he commited fraud wuth there insurance. Enough is enough. Im sthem sick of waiting on the process because now I know people that he continues to commit fraud with. He never learns his lesson.

So, I start writting reviews on any sites I could. I encouraged others to write reviews but do so annonimously because he was filing the harassment charges against me for the reviews I was writting. He would write responses to the reviews claiming it was me and stating (for what ever reason) that I was charged with harassment (forgetting that he was shot down by the judge for his malicious complaints). I also started a blog where I share anyhting I can so others can learn the truth about Dean Kevin Ziegler and make an informed decision before they use his services.

The first amendment is a powerful toolI. It has allowed me to a warn many people about Dean Kevin Ziegler and decreases the chances of him commiting fraud on them.

This person wrote the review because of "doctor is a criminal and fraud" at Ziegler Chiropractic Wellness and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Ziegler Chiropractic Wellness to "dean kevin ziegler should be out of business because of his continued criminal activities".

The most disappointing in user's experience was dean kevin zieglers fraud activity. Author liked the most massage therapist. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

We collected other reviews about products and/or services offered by Ziegler Chiropractic Wellness other product for you to read. This information may help you with your purchase decision.

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Oak Harbor, Washington, United States #1280555

Please do not go to a chiropractor for anything! All of them are quacks.

If you're in accident and your lawyer says go to Chiropractic just say NO! A medical doctor will treat you but you must look for them.


Must be a pattern of his. He billed my insurance as well for procedures he didn't do. This Ziegler is a crook and can't be trusted.


I took was a patient of Ziegler. He had me hurting more hen when I started.

Also, he billed my auto insurance for procedures he didn't do. My attorney told me to stop going as he was not a trustworthy individual to have on my case.

Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States #1104693

Thank you for your extensive information on this chiropractor. I almost chose to go to him for my back following an auto accident last week.

Its amazing how *** someone can be. I will look elsewhere for me and my husband to get treatment.

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